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Sébastien Verbièse

Digital Arts

The type of art that is called “digital” covers such a wide range of artistic practices that it cannot describe a single aesthetic perspective.

Therefore, the plural term “Digital Arts” is the correct term for us to use, since we don’t want to be limited to a single area of work but wish to open the door to different areas of research, experiments and projects in which the artists can express themselves.

The Digital Arts programme groups activities and pedagogical training relating to infographic technologies.

The goal is to train our students in the creative and artistic mastery of words and digital images.

To achieve this goal, the students follow a lesson plan that allows them to become familiar with the new media and their various devices (computer, tablet, virtual headset, projector) and with their tools (graphics software and 2D and 3D animation).

Learning these technologies, supported by the theoretical training, helps our students in their artistic practice.  The cultural knowledge needed for the artistic exploitation of innovative and contemporary tools allows the students to develop their critical thinking.

Being a Digital Arts student

Our program covers a number of areas such as animation, interactivity and web design, video games, 3D, videography or mapping.

The 5-year course is split over 2 phases:

During the three years of Bachelor studies, our students experience the basic fundamentals of the course; they learn to express themselves through drawing, photography, colour, storyboarding, etc. whilst also gradually discovering how to work with new technologies. The final year of the Bachelor’s degree is the time for our students to point their projects in a particular direction in preparation for their Master’s degree specialisation.

The two years of Master’s degree offer our students the possibility of applying the knowledge acquired and their creativity to a programme of their choice: either animation and expression (2D animation, 3D, video games, installation), or multimedia (web design, user interface design, interactivity, videography). Our students will use these lessons to successfully complete their year-end project.



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