Pedagogical Activities

In each program, the courses are developed through dialogue between all the educational participants: the teachers of artistic classes, theoretical classes and technical classes.

The artistic classes form the “hard core” of the course and are given in workshops, places for experimentation and creation. Among these classes, there is the main class which carries the name of the programme.

The theoretical classes allow the student to acquire a set of specific references that go beyond the strict field of plastic arts. These classes do not aim exclusively to transmit knowledge, but to communicate curiosity and a desire for knowledge. This knowledge is also plastic. As with the artistic classes, the teachers guide the students through the intricacies of information overload. They stimulate their sense of critique, their ability to analyse and summarise.

The technical and technological classes are fundamental. They make it possible to study questions linked to the materialisation and the realisation of all artistic projects.

Internships: During the first two years of the Bachelor’s degree, internal internships, with a duration of 2 weeks, are organised in the spirit of interdisciplinarity. From the third year of the Bachelor’s degree and during the master’s degree, all students participate in external internships with creators, in exhibitions or in the industry.

Alongside the permanent teaching staff, the college also engages specialists and external personalities (artists, artisans, art historians, etc.) to give conferences or workshops.

Exchanges with schools abroad are planned and proposed in the spirit of discovering another culture.

We do not want to impose a school aesthetic. Our educational status is open to the world and favours personal expression and the search for a personal approach. To listen, stimulate and guide, encouraging individual freedom and respect for others, speaking the language of today, these are our recurring themes. We often invite the students to push past their fear of the unknown and to step back from the contemporary world, their creation, or themselves