Managing bodies

The Education Board

The education board is composed of the Director, 5 teacher representatives, 3 union representatives, 2 teaching assistants/ staff representatives, one representative from the personnel categories other than the teaching personnel and 5 student delegates.

It is presided by the Director. The teachers and the personnel representative are elected for a term of four years, renewable. The representative of the assistants and teaching staff are elected for a term of two years. The student representatives are elected for a term of one year, renewable.

The education management board is charged with establishing the methods for the implementation of the mission of the Art College, by drafting its educational and artistic project as well as the specific study rules and regulations.

It shall be consulted by the Education Authority on all educational questions and on any questions concerning the use of educational means and the assignment of members of personnel.

It shall be consulted by the Education Authority on all agreements for cooperation or collaboration concluded with another establishment or other legal entity from the professional, scientific or cultural world.

The education management board can also, of their own initiative, give the Education Authority written notice, in particular about recruitment committees, internal or external student access links.

The Programme Councils

The Programme Councils are made up of all the teachers who participate in teaching this programme and 4 student representatives. Each programme board chooses one of its members to hold the office of president.

They put forward proposals for the implementation of the educational and artistic programme of the school, in the context of their artistic programme, in particular by establishing the educational project for the programme, as well as developing the framework in which the artistic, general and technical classes can be developed.


The Social Council

The social council includes, in equal number, student representatives designated by the student council and members of management and teaching personnel.

The school director is an ex-officio member of the social council. He presides the council.

The school’s accounting officer is involved in the work of the council.

The SC establishes the school’s social budget and hands it over to the Education Authority. He assigns the social credits. He provides advice on all questions concerning the material and social conditions of the students. His annual budget is proportionate to the number of students.


The Student Council 

The student council is made up of students who are elected each year by the student body. The council will be made up of at least 7 members. The council will choose one of its members to hold the office of president.

It is independent of any organisation, political party or philosophy.

Its goal is to:
- represent the students of the Art College - Tournai Academy of Fine Arts;
- to defend and promote their interests in the fields of teaching, education and management of the establishment;
- to stimulate the active participation of the students and to prepare them for citizenship within their school and within the whole of society;
- to ensure the flow of information between the students, the Education Authority and the management of the school;
- to appoint the student representatives to the education management board, to the programme(s) councils, if applicable, and to the social council.