Organisation of studies

The studies are organised in 2 cycles.

The first cycle of 3 years, results in a diploma of “transition Bachelor’s” and the second cycle of 1 or 2 years leads to the title of “Master”. The objective of the training is different according to the cycle.

The Bachelor’s diplomas are aimed at initiation: they develop the student’s desire to create and familiarise them with a multitude of practical, theoretical, cultural, technical and technological sources of knowledge that are required by the chosen programme and the demands of contemporary artistic multi-disciplinarity. They allow each person individually to start to confirm themselves through research and experimentation based on concrete facts.

The master’s programmes require more autonomous practice within the artistic discipline: they should allow the student to take on, in an increasingly more personal and coherent manner, a project of artistic creation that will be able to participate, when confronted with professional reality, in the growth of the 21st-century.