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Catherine Iazurlo


As all art, advertising applies to imagination, it allows us to develop a creatif and artistic mind. Advertising want us to dream, which belongs to art. It gives an imaginary added value to the products.

Advertising trades

Advertising is a profession of graphic arts, exciting and demanding for a wide diversity of profiles.

The advertiser mainly works in a advertising agency, a design studio, a communication agency, a large company and also in medias and in edition.

He can be an art director employed or in freelance working on behalf of a advertising agency, designer of a graphic project, poster, packaging, logo, street marketing or he can be web master, photographer, graphic designer,…

What advertising do ?

Advertising has the role to attract, to arouse, it try to seduce. Advertsing is an action of making public. It’s also the range of means used to promote public awareness a mark, a product, an industrial or commercial company. Advertising refers to all the actions executed to make itself known and to communicate on products. With the suggested goal of encouraging the consumption and influencing public’s choice or aimed audience. By logos design for a visual identity, poster design, press advertising creation, website design, animation design, packaging…

To be a student in Advertising

Beeing a student in advertising is to develop creative and artistic mind. It’s to discover and express oneself through the different projects. It’s to grasp, experiment the different necessary techniques : graphism, PAO, conceptual design (design drawing ?), drawing live models, color, printing technique, serigaphy, studio photography, story board, marketing, multimedia (webside design, video, online animation,…)

To offer the student a pluridisciplinary in the advertising sector in a high school of art. To give the will of imagination, to have a look on the world and to make different. Theoretical courses wake, develop culture, knowledge, criticism, needed for creation.

From the 3rd yearn the student is doing his intership in the professional world, in company, in advertising agency, photography studio, communication service, printing company, …
During their growth, all the students take part in different poster’s competitions (advertising, politic, event, culture), logo design, flyers, web design, photo design…

Competitions won by our students

1st award for graphic art poster with the topic « Fair play ».
1st award for Carnival of Binche’s poster (10th birthday UNESCO Cultural and Immaterial Patrimony of Humanity)
International Hugo Boss
Young creative chevrolet award (visual arts category).
« Vedi Express » Poster
1st award of young creative chevrolet (photography category)
1st award of EPSL logo
1st award of LPCM logo
Nominee for politic poster triennial.
Prizewinner at the competition for logo design of « Défi Plus ».
1st award for Vinogate, skate Park’s logo.
Poster for the exhibition of Mr Hulot’s drawings of David Merveille.
Batirama Logo, Déco&jardin Logo
Poster of Cabaret Wallon
What are they doing now ?
Graphic designer at Kiabi
Graphic designer at InfoNews
Graphic designer at Dicton
Graphic designer at Georges&Louis
Web master at Evolution
Graphic designer at Lebel Idée Pub Paris
Comics « les Vanhoutte »’s creator
Graphic designer at Wollux
Model maker freelance
Studio photographer freelance.
Graphic designer at Artgo