Hainaut Hub

The Hainaut hub gathers all the higher educational institutions of the Hainaut province around the University of Mons, in particular: The Catholic Faculties of Louvain in Hainaut (ex-FUCAM), the Higher Provincial School of Condorcet, the HELHA - Higher School of Louvain in Hainaut, the HEH - Higher School of the French Community in Hainaut, the higher institutions organised by the education for social advancement as well as two higher institutions for artistic education, our academy in Tournai and ARTS² in Mons.


Coordinators of the Hainaut Hub administrative team:

Sandrine Lothaire and Lydie Lejuste

1, rue du Rossignol - 7000 Mons

+32 (0) 65 55 20 22