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Sébastien Verbièse

M2 Game Arts

As an innovative area that is constantly evolving, digital arts have opened up the path for arts that are intrinsically linked to technology. Digital arts group together fields that are very different and for a few years now, have seen the emergence of a new trend dedicated to arts for entertainment, also called game arts. Although these forms of art were often derived from other areas within digital arts, whether multi-media or animation, they now use a language, artistic thinking and skills of their own.

 In particular, the creation aimed at video games, the top cultural product in the world and spearhead of game arts, now requires specific training, for its artistic, narrative and graphic dimensions and for all the techniques to be used to achieve this artistic vision. 

Although this training is very specialised, it is not airtight. It also opens up the way to new areas of application and covers areas such as video games, virtual reality, 3D printing, concept art, or interactive and real-time installations.


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